Random Thoughts On Technology

James Rozoff
4 min readFeb 18, 2024

Some random thoughts on technology:

Technology is becoming ever more marvelous, but what good does it do if it does not serve humanity?

Technology will never solve man’s moral problems, it will only complicate them.

The ability to wield the tools technology has brought into being requires not greatness but humility.

Hope. A hundred years ago the poor worked their lives away in the slim hope that they might become part of the 1%. For those who realized it was an impossible dream, still they worked for those same 1% in the hopes that their efforts would entitle them to a reward in the afterlife. But the religion that exists now gives humanity a different sort of hope. Now the workers are taught that if we all do our part, we can perpetuate the human species by advancing our technology enough that we can enable our 1% to travel to some other planet capable of sustaining life before we have destroyed the one we were given.

Technology has not made humanity any wiser, it has only made us more dangerous.

When technology has acquired the ability to take care of all of our needs, when technology has freed us from needing others, perhaps then we will discover that one of our greatest needs has always been to care for one another.

I nightly drive through country roads and see animals lying dead on the pavement. The technology and machinery man has created has proven itself so fast that it is a danger to animals. Man must remember that he too is an animal.

Man has never so fully surrendered his autonomy to religion as much as he has to technology.

Just as real religious urges so easily decay into idolatry, so too does a love of science devolve into an fetishization of technology. Both begin with an awe for something outside of them and end with a worship of their own creation.

Our intellect has created technology, and technology has made us masters of this world. Man’s only real danger now comes not from the outside world but man himself.

You ever get the feeling humans have fallen a little too in love with their technology? It is not too different from the story of Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection.

I cannot help but see the miraculous in all that is nature, cannot help but be wary of humanity’s greatest technological marvels. In countless ways technology…