When The Better Of Two Horrible Choices Is Not Good Enough

James Rozoff
5 min readJun 15, 2024

The ability to prioritize what you focus your energy on is essential to being an adult. It separates the sane person from the lunatic. To avoid critical issues only to obsess about minor ones is a sure sign of mental illness.

There are two issues we should be focusing on right now, two issues which our politicians should be talking about and leading our nation to address. Both issues require a call to arms, so to speak. The nation, and indeed the world, should exert all its energies on tackling these primary, pressing issues.

Take a second to think about what those two issues might be. If you said who should be able to use what bathrooms, your leaders and your media have failed you. If you said racism or sexism, you have taken your eye off the ball. If you say Medicare for all, you have no sense of proportion. Focus on what is important, not on what your paid-off leaders and your corporate media would have you think about.

Nuclear war and climate crisis are the two greatest threats to the human species. Moreover, they are two great threats over which we have a considerable amount of control, could we but muster the courage to focus our energies on them. Should we but choose to prioritize existential crises over far more mundane and less pressing problems.

Here is what the Democratic Party leads with on their website:

If it is not complete drivel, it at least shows that the Democratic Party is far from…