What Kind Of Journalist WOULDN’T Want To Investigate The Epstein Story?

Imagine being a journalist and not wanting to dig into the Epstein case. It’s like a child not wanting to take a peek at the Christmas gifts sitting under the Christmas tree. It’s like a bloodhound not wanting to follow a scent. How could you call anyone a journalist who didn’t want to know more about this story?

What traits would you associate with a journalist more than curiosity and a desire to dig for the truth? Oh, sure, they need to do so carefully and diligently, but the overwhelming quality you would associate with a journalist would have to be the desire to get to the bottom of a story, right?

And of course, each journalist has their own beat they’re covering, so it’s not like every journalist would be expected to cover a story about an international sex ring involving underage girls. But they would all be interested in the number one story of our time. They would all be working on the stories they’re involved in, but they would surely gather around to discuss the story that overshadows every other story. Wouldn’t they? As they sat at their desks or gathered together for a daily briefing, surely this would be the subject of conversation. Surely everybody would be questioning their editor and whoever was covering this story about the breaking news. Right?

My time in a newsroom was brief and modest. But anyone who’s encountered a newsroom, even in fiction, would have some kind of understanding of what a job in a newsroom is supposed to be like. If you’ve watched Murphy Brown or Mary Tyler Moore or if you’ve read Superman or Spiderman comics, you have some inkling of what a reporter’s job is. And that is to get a scoop on a story that captures the interest of everyone. And this is it, people, this is the story of all-time. This isn’t just a global pedophile ring, it’s worse. Let me repeat myself, this is WORSE THAN A GLOBAL PEDOPHILE RING. Hard to imagine something worse than that, huh? But it is. It must be, because all the major media companies wouldn’t keep quiet about a global pedophile ring. Even the global oligarchy wouldn’t be adverse to throwing a couple of pedophiles to the masses to appease their sense of justice, even if it was a former president who served the oligarchy well in his time.

IF it was just about child sex slaves. JUST. ABOUT. CHILD SEX SLAVES. Get your mind around that. There is something worse and that is the reason the media is so silent about it. That is THE ONLY reason they would be silent about this. It certainly isn’t because they’re covering anything more important. Think of the top stories of the last four years and think what could be worse than a child sex slave ring. MSNBC is willing to speculate on Russian prostitutes peeing on Trump based on no evidence and yet they’re willing to remain silent when it comes to his involvement with Epstein which is indisputable due to multiple photos of the two hanging out. Dear sweet Jesus, what does it take for Rachel Maddow to keep from making terrible insinuations about Trump? Whatever it is, it’s bigger than her Trump Derangement Syndrome. Let me repeat myself, this is BIGGER THAN RACHEL MADDOW’S TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.

It’s even bigger than corporate media’s desire for ratings (read profits). One would be excused for thinking there was nothing bigger than corporate media’s desire for ratings. MSNBC’s ratings have been tanking since Trump left office. Why wouldn’t Rachel open the door to conjecture about Trump’s connections to Epstein? It would guarantee her a ratings bonanza. But this is bigger than ratings. Let me repeat myself, the need to keep the silence around Epstein is BIGGER THAN RATINGS.

That’s huge. HUGE!!!




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