We’re Playing Games While Our Planet Burns

James Rozoff
3 min readFeb 2, 2024

I know what I want to say but I don’t know how to say it. Because what I want to say is so far outside established thought that most people won’t recognize it as sensible, or maybe even sane. It’s beyond what’s written down in the rule books, and most people never stop to question what’s written in the rule books.

It’s not that I WISH to go to the edges, it’s not my desire to engage in magical thinking. It’s just that I find no hope, no joy, no sense in the customary avenues, just doom. In fact, I don’t feel it’s me who’s engaging in magical thinking by looking outside of the box that authority is telling us we must stay in, it is those who are unwilling to deviate from the path we are on who are living in a fantasy. The Republican Party will not take us where we need to go, who could think that? The Democratic Party will not lead us out of our crises, that is the dream of someone who refuses to see things as they are.

I look at what others regard as reasonable and practical and I regain my courage. Good God, they trot out those aged sacks of flesh, Trump and Biden, and then they want to make me feel impractical for refusing to limit my choices to that? These are the two options, these are the extreme poles, these are the furthest reaches beyond which thought is not permitted to travel. They have limited the universe for so many to fit inside a…