Time To Abandon A Sinking Narrative

James Rozoff
4 min readApr 7, 2022

As the official narratives drift further and further from reality, which way will you go? Will you cling to the illusion of comfort and safety official narratives provide you, or will you allow yourself to drift back toward your natural inclinations, toward what common sense, your own observations, and your own sense of health are telling you? Will you continue to listen to the person on TV being paid $30,000 a day who has no idea what your daily life is like? Will you continue to bow to their authority and their greater wisdom when all about you life is continually getting worse?

Know that if you are about to take the leap that you will not be alone. Our numbers are already rather impressive, and we are not going back. We will never again allow ourselves to rejoin the meta-reality created by the media after stepping out from under it. It is not the all-pervasive entity we once thought, it is merely a dark theater playing absurdist films to a stultified audience.

We see the environmental degradation and we know the media will never report on it and our politicians will never meaningfully act on it. We see the rank corruption in both of our political parties and we know that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the best this system will ever give us. It’s just going to get worse from here, folks. We see the wealth of our nations — as President Eisenhower warned us 62 years ago — being spent on weapons of destruction. We see the unreality of the confused, psychotic narrative that is unable to maintain continuity from one day to the next.

We await you. Eagerly. Freed from the illusions of the narrative machine, we are nonetheless imprisoned by the consequences of its operations so long as a majority of the people give it credence and support. We cannot do this without you. We, perhaps more clearly than anyone else, realize how interdependent we all are and how we are all in this together.

I think the sticking point so many of you have is your unwillingness to admit that the media is agenda driven, not truth driven. Within the media, the truth is twisted, ignored, slandered, and censored a thousand times a day in order to advance the prime directives of profit and dominance. And people don’t want to see it. Unless, of course, it is the murdering of truth that takes place on the other side of the political spectrum. That, they see perfectly clear. Then they see how brazenly the reporters and the politicians lie and how eagerly their audience consumes the lies. But media on the left and the media on the right have 95% of the same agenda, they merely justify it by different means. FOX News and MSNBC can spout the most virulent hatred towards the other, but neither side addresses the fact that Flint Michigan doesn’t have clean drinking water. Nobody is showing the homeless crisis not only in Los Angeles but all across our country. Nobody ever points a critical camera at the people who donate to both parties and benefit no matter who wins.

The media is paid for by the machinery and will never criticize the machine. It therefore is evident that the media will never protect our planet against the machinery that profits off its destruction. The media is not sponsored by trees, it is sponsored by those who see in trees nothing more than the profit that can be made by their destruction. The media is not paid for by the animals that are killed by the oil spills and the factory farms and the pollution and the over-harvesting of mega fishing boats. The machine doesn’t factor in human survival, why should it care about other species?

We are at a critical tipping point now. The moment is desperate, but this very desperation will cause the necessary numbers to flee from the sinking ship that is the media illusion. Judging by the number garnered by true independent media outlets, we already number around a million. We are never going back, never returning to the fold, so don’t expect things will go back to normal. Things are never going back to normal, nor should they. The future lies beyond the floundering vessel that sinks under the weight of its outmoded narrative. We who sit at the edge of the impending catastrophe call to you, knowing that we will sink or swim together, that our fates are inextricably intertwined. I have no doubt we will all be sucked in by its wake should we not distance ourselves from it.

This is a call to action for those of you who are free of the media matrix, too. It is not enough to merely be awake, you need to get out of bed and go about the business of creating something others would want to wake up to. Start building alternatives, don’t wait for something to happen. You are the early adapters. It is up to you to not merely weave new narratives, you must also show that you are able to live by them. Be bold, be brave, but more than anything, see the beauty and the possibility that can be woven from the current crisis.