The Scream I Will Not Silence

When I contemplate the horror of the atom bomb

I catch my breath, only to scream

The only acceptable response to mankind’s mass suicide.

There is no calm or rational approach to madness

There is no civil reply to abomination

There is no excuse for the ultimate evil

No explanation, no rationalization.

There is only an unending scream.

Don’t ask me not to interrupt your brunch

The scream will pierce your eardrums as you eat your quiche.

I’ll scream as you watch the Super Bowl and my scream will rise above the roar of the crowd

My scream will continue until the roar of the crowd is one big scream at the greatest of sins.

I will scream at your televised debate

And at your campaign rallies

I will scream until everyone feels the madness that cannot be denied.

I will scream at your child’s christening to alert him to the sick truth

I’ll scream a scream that sounds like madness but is in fact the only sane response to madness.

I will scream for every innocent animal unaware of what we’ve made.

I will scream until every man, woman and child feels the same fear and dread and horror that lurks in my heart

Until there is not one corner or bit of darkness in which the madness can hide unperturbed.

I will scream because I can do no more

And because I can do no less

There will be no peace

Until there is peace

You will not sleep

And if you do

The scream will haunt your dreams

Don’t ask me to be quiet

And let the grownups talk

The bomb makers and the Jim Jones know-it-alls

And the good boy media sock puppets

Don’t ask me to sit alone in a dark closet

Feeling the bugs and worms crawl across my skin

The scream has too long lain silent

In my heart alone.



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