The Media Tells Us Nothing About Navalny, Everything About Itself

James Rozoff
4 min readFeb 17, 2024

I’ll say about Navalny’s death what I said about Seth Rich’s and Jeffrey Epstein’s: it looks suspicious. That’s about all I have for now.

My refusal to mindlessly parrot the assertions of U.S. propagandists will no doubt be taken as proof that I have some sort of agenda. It’s true, I do. My agenda is not to reveal myself to be an idiot by speaking up when I don’t have any details. Other people, people who are brought onto major news channels to espouse their opinions, don’t have to worry about being wrong. They lie all the time. Their lies are proven to be false, and nobody ever challenges them or holds them accountable. That’s because they speak for the establishment. That’s because they speak for power.

I don’t have that luxury. I can’t appear on some platform and talk to people less informed than myself and have the establishment cover for me. I only have my record of speaking within my own realm of knowledge and not saying things that may later be proven false. If for some reason I should ever gain any degree of notoriety, I am certain that everything I have written will be combed through and held up as evidence, so I do my best to speak responsibly.

So I’ll hold off saying much about the death of Navalny until I learn more on the matter. All I know with any degree of certainty is that Navalny was in a Russian prison and died. That’s it. As far as I know, nobody has any more information than that, nor has any halfway responsible news institution claimed more. That by itself is certainly newsworthy, but it hardly merits making claims based simply on the fact that it furthers the establishment narrative.

That doesn’t stop the chattering propagandists on social media, the Michael McFauls, Gary Kasparovs, and Anne Applebaums, from stating unequivocally that Putin is directly responsible. I’ll share this quote from Boris Johnson as a suitable example of how the death of Navalny is being spoken of by our political elite: “No one can be in any doubt that Alexei Navalny has been put to death by Vladimir Putin — simply because he had the courage to oppose the Russian tyrant.” Hardly the measured response of a responsible statesman. But then, no one in the west can be mistaken for being measured or responsible. As for me, I would never speak so confidently without at least attempting to back up what I say. Never. I have too much respect for my fellow human beings for that.