The Battle Of The Forces Of Light And The Forces Of Fascism

They gathered that day upon a hill, the forces of light amassing for the final fight against the forces of darkness and fascism. Viewed from above it appeared that the hill was full of pink flowers, so many of the people wearing pink hats. Rainbow flags waved in the breeze, Black Live Matters flags proudly showing support for the victims of fascist violence. And above it all, upon a large platform stood the Democratic leaders, some dressed in Kente cloth, others wearing fine white dresses with the words “Down With Fascism” emblazoned upon them.

Quite a crowd was gathered for the deciding battle. But one in the crowd could not but look upon the mob that was gathering upon a further hill with a degree of nervousness. For while the enemy forces were appreciably smaller, they were all well-armed, and those who stood in the camp opposing fascism had few if any weapons. A large group of Antifa appeared ready for battle, but they were armed with nothing more than rocks and metal pipes. While they seemed threatening, they were no danger to those on the other hill who were armed to the teeth.

The person who observed all this spoke their concerns aloud, but the person next to them spoke words of comfort in reply: “Do not be concerned, we have the FBI and the CIA and all of the government agencies at our backs. They will protect us.”

And indeed, in a short while a great mass of people were seen to be approaching the area that was to be the battleground. The person who had been troubled a moment ago now felt their spirits rise as they saw how large and how organized this army was. It was armed with weaponry that put to shame the weapons of those who stood on the further hill, and with it came thousands of armed drones and hundreds of armed robot dogs. It was an unstoppable army and it gave great courage to all who stood upon the hill in opposition to fascism.

But the great army of professional spies and drones and robot dogs did not stop at the hill where those opposing fascism stood but kept going. Voices from atop the hill yelled out to the great army: “Where are you going?! We need you!” To which the leader of the great army replied: “Did you truly believe we would ever take your side in the fight against fascism? For what is fascism except a place where secretive government agencies are able to wield unaccountable power? No, those who stand on the opposite hill are our people, they more than you will give us all the power and privilege we desire. March behind us and you might fit in with us and be accepted on the hill of the fascist army.”

The people on the hill of those opposing fascism were greatly distraught at this, panicking and running about. Not knowing what to do, they gazed up at their leaders who stood above them on the platform. They were shocked to see that gone was the Kente Cloth. Upon one dress, the word “Down” had been painted over and the word “Up” had been hastily scribbled next to the words “With Fascism”.

The people were really panicking now, as the voices of those wearing pink hats, in one form or another, uttered the cry: “What are you doing?!” To which their leaders replied: “Did you really expect us to oppose fascism? We, who grew fat upon our terms in office while never delivering on our promises or even making a serious attempt to implement them? No, fighting fascism was an acceptable rallying cry, so long as there was no real cost to our posturing. But now the time has come and we must either abandon our positions of privilege or else risk all we have to fight a fight we have not the courage to undertake.

The person who originally spoke their concern looked about at the people that surrounded them. As the parade of government war dogs and war hawks made their way past, they were shocked to find a greater part of those upon the hill follow in its wake, taking an inferior position in line behind the machinery of subjugation. The hill was littered with thousands of the discarded hats of those who had never learned any effective way of opposing fascism.

One ragged band still stood front and center, willing to fight the fight regardless of the odds. But they looked as they had already been through a war. Many looked pale and weak, as though they had only just recently emerged from some dark dungeon.

“Who are you, and what makes you think you can stand against all the forces of fascism?” asked the person how watched their allies departing for the further hill.

“We are all those who have sat in Facebook jail and have otherwise been cut off from the mainstream for taking the fight against fascism more serious than most.”

“But you can’t hope to defeat the forces arrayed against you,” the person said.

“We don’t fight fascism because we think we can win,” the bedraggled person said, “we fight fascism because it is fascism.”

Meanwhile, on the other hill, an individual saw the army of robot dogs and drones and spies approaching and wondered why the people he supposed to be leaders did not give the signal to attack. Perhaps his side was not as against big government as he once believed.



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