Our Politicians Care Even Less About Human Life Than Corporations

James Rozoff
6 min readNov 5, 2023

Democrats and Republicans argue endlessly over who is right. And occasionally, one side IS more right than the other. But it doesn’t matter. Why? Because both sides are insane.

Let me give you an example. I’ve worked in heavy metal fabrication for most of my life. When workplace injuries happen in heavy fabrication, they can be quite severe. Therefore, the subject of safety is stressed even over other seemingly crucial elements of manufacturing, such as productivity and product improvement. Every accident and near accident is analyzed to see what went wrong and what could be avoided in the future. Employees are encouraged to come forward to report safety issues and little expense is spared to improve workplace safety conditions.

Perhaps accidents cannot entirely be eliminated, but workers are constantly being sold on the concept that we must work to drive the risk of injury to zero. We are constantly asked to find new ways to avoid risk. People being injured or even killed is a BAD thing and all our energies must be exerted to lessen the risk to people’s health and lives. Safety and human life are paramount. The cost of accidents to machinery or property is important as well, but is secondary to the safety of human beings.

Driving the risk of harm to human beings as close to zero as possible: This is a concept one would think our congress would take to heart. Considering the human cost of war, you would think the politicians who are supposed to serve people and not corporate interests would do whatever they could to minimize war and the toll it takes on human lives. That they would eliminate every potential risk of a war the way a factory’s safety manager would move dangerous chemicals or tripping hazards off of a shop floor. With government being the one aspect of our society that is supposed to work for human beings instead of for corporate profits, one would expect those people we vote for would work to identify and eliminate the causes of war.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Our politicians, people such as Lyndsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal, are like the shop owners of a century or more ago, who did nothing to factor in the cost of worker safety into their profit margins. The amount of congresspersons willing to speak out against war has always been a tiny minority and is now approaching zero. Faced with the choice between conflict resolution and war, with all the human suffering it…