Only You Can Prevent Psychopathic Murderers

I feel it necessary to point out that killers sometimes aren’t completely honest. This might be disillusioning to some of you, but people who are capable of killing other people aren’t above telling a little fib in order to justify their murder.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say most people who kill other people lie about it. Hell, I’ve been in way less bad situations than trying to justify a murder that I’ve lied myself out of. I get it. That’s why I’ve found it’s a good idea to feel someone out a little when they’ve told you they just got done killing someone.

You don’t have to worry about offending a killer by questioning his alibi, either. You shouldn’t have to worry about coming off as racist or sexist or anti-Semitic when they tell you they had a good reason for blowing up children. Anyone who’s not a psychopath will be willing to answer any questions you might have.

Let’s face it, each race, ethnicity and gender produces its own murderers. It’s not unique to one segment of the global population. Austrians are fine folk, but even they popped out a Hitler. It probably would have been better had people been more suspicious of the reasons he was giving for why he had to kill millions of people rather than refrain out of politeness. But you see, even Hitler felt compelled to lie about what he was doing.

Hitler was a really bad guy, but I don’t judge Austrians by the fact that he was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people. But I assure you I won’t let a person’s Austrian background prevent me from asking questions when he’s told me he just garroted someone. Millions of those killed by Hitler were Jews, but thankfully that didn’t prevent investigators from asking the hard questions that led to the arrest of David Berkowitz. Women have traditionally been on the receiving end of most violence, but I’m glad her gender didn’t wipe clean Aileen Wournos’s guilt. And even though African Americans have endured incredible violence, and even though the jury did not convict him, I still think O.J. Simpson might have murdered his wife. Does it make me an anti-Semitic misogynist racist for saying that?

In the grand scheme of things, killing is worse than lying. So don’t be surprised if a killer will resort to lying in order to get away with his crimes. I have to think we all lie to some degree and most of us aren’t murderers. In the wildest days of my youth, I never did anything worse than bop somebody in the nose, but I told some whoppers in my day.

So when you visit a friend and there’s a corpse in his driveway, question him. And if he says, “Yeah, I killed the guy, but he had it coming,” probe a little deeper. Don’t worry about offending him because if he’s not a psychopathic killer, he’s not going to get all defensive on you. And if he does, this should be a warning sign. A body and an unwillingness to discuss it are two major indicators that your friend might be a psychopath.

Because psychopaths do exist, you know, and it’s important that we identify them. If we don’t, there’s no end of the trouble they might cause. You let someone get away with murder, especially a psychopath, and you can bet they’re going to go back for more. Even worse, you’re signaling to all the other psychopaths out there that they’re not going to get challenged when they starve children in some foreign land in order to overthrow the leader of that country.

This works even better before someone has committed murder. If they say they’re about to kill someone, and they tell you they totally need to do it, you might want to ask a few hard questions. And make that person follow up. Don’t let them off the hook. Again, don’t worry if they get offended if you doubt them. Only a raving psychopath would do that.

I’ve already discussed two major warning signs of psychopaths: the fact that they’ve killed someone (or are preparing to kill someone) and the fact that they get defensive when you ask questions. Here’s a third one: psychopaths tend to hang out where other psychopaths congregate or where their desire to kill people and exercise power over others is tolerated. The primary place they tend to gravitate to is government, the one place where psycho killers can do what they love to do and not only get away with it but get medals for it. So if you hear someone saying they’ve killed someone or plan on killing someone, if you hear them say they are justified in killing someone and get all bent out of shape when you ask them questions, and if they have wormed their way into a system that encourages killing people, you have all the reasons you need to be suspicious.

And let me remind you once more, this has nothing to do with country, gender, race, religion, or whatever else may serve to divide us. It’s not unpatriotic to question killers or potential killers, because they exist in every government and every country in the world. But a psychopath WILL use every excuse he can think of to deflect from his murderous tendencies. He will call you a racist, he will call you a sexist, he will call you anti-Semitic, he will call you unpatriotic, he will say whatever he needs to in order that he might kill with impunity.

Don’t take it personally. And don’t let it stop you from asking the questions that need to be asked.

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