NATO Is Just Colonialism 2.0

If you were to remove Russia from the equation, you’d see how completely racist U.S. foreign policy is. It seeks to replace the democratic United Nations with NATO, an alliance of white, mostly Western European nations. And if you further consider that Russia was never really viewed as European but Asiatic by Western Europeans, the picture is complete.

Ideally, they would cut out a chunk of Russia, the White Russians, and permit them a minor role in NATO, after Russia was divided into many smaller and easily controlled regions. Undoubtedly, they would use the excuse of defending ethnic minorities for doing so. And then White Russia could join other Slavic nations as second-class members of the white alliance. And most Slavic nations would probably willingly join under those conditions because it still puts them above the rest of the world. There are those who are willing to believe they are white enough to be eventually accepted.

The U.S. asserts the right to control the whole of Central and South America, installing leaders trained in the U.S. It doesn’t make such a claim about Canada, of course, because its population is mostly white and its indigenous people are mostly subjugated. Same situation in the East, where the U.S. has long sought to control who rules in Asia while allowing the white Australians to become part of the military alliance while their indigenous population is mostly subjugated.

NATO, then, is merely the perpetuation of colonialism. It could not be clearer. Look at the main players in NATO and you will see that they are the nations most responsible for colonization. Belgium, which absolutely brutalized the Congo, killing millions to establish its rule. It also had a piece of China. The Netherlands, which controlled parts of the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Asia through their Dutch West India and Dutch East India Companies. France, which held colonies in South America, Africa, and Asia. Italy, which came late to the game but nevertheless made its imprint on the African continent in Ethiopia and elsewhere. Denmark and Norway, which separately and in tandem possessed colonies on four continents. Portugal, whose colonies once rivaled England’s. And England itself, upon whose empire the sun never set. And of course The United States, the heir to the white colonial crown, which claimed right to dominance over an entire hemisphere and quietly presumed dominion over the rest.

NATO is a military alliance intended to usurp the United Nations. It is a military alliance of white-ruled countries that has no interest in sharing power with nations not run by white people. It will forever claim that the United Nations is incapable of being a workable institution in the same way that Western European nations once claimed the unfortunate necessity of the White Man’s Burden in order to rule over those unfit to rule over themselves.

NATO has spread its influence around the globe. Except perhaps in South America, which is already firmly under the thumb of NATO’s prime mover, The United States. NATO is forming alliances with governments in Africa that have been installed by Western powers. And those governments friendly to Western powers will be defended by NATO against the people of Africa. The same applies to Asia and the Pacific Rim. The same applies all over the world.

This is not a surprise to Russia. They are aware that NATO is a military alliance that will never permit Russia to join in any equitable sort of manner. If that had been their interest it surely would have happened already. Russia is both a threat to NATO nations and a huge piece of real estate ripe for their picking.

NATO is an inherently colonial alliance. It’s aims are neither peaceful nor egalitarian. It exists to further the interests of a few — and let’s face it, predominately white — nations at the expense of the rest of the world. The Middle East will always be a dysfunctional, violent and miserable place to live for all their natural resources, so long as Western interests are allowed to dictate how things are managed. The entire world will be a dysfunctional, violent, miserable place to live in so long as one group of people believe they have the right to dominate others.




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James Rozoff

James Rozoff

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