NATO Is Comprised Of The Nations That Colonized The World

For the life of me, I can’t see why people view NATO as some noble organization and not the military alliance bent on control of the world that it is. This is not the United Nations, people, nor is it a democratic institution. It is a military bloc created to advance the interests of Western Europe and their former colonies. They might call themselves a defensive alliance, but that’s the excuse every military institution uses to justify its existence.

The founding nations of NATO are almost exactly the very nations that colonized Africa, Asia, and South America. They are the very same countries that took over North America and Australia by exterminating their indigenous populations. The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, and Great Britain extracted the wealth of South and Central America and ruled over the people who lived there, as well as the slaves they imported there from Africa. Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the UK, and France literally got together to agree on who-owned-what in Africa so that they could spend their time in suppressing the African people rather than fighting among themselves as they often did in other areas. The same group was guilty of creating colonies on virtually every inch of East Asia.

It is hard to find a place on the map that has not been invaded, occupied, colonized, or had its government overthrown by individual NATO members or NATO members working in conjunction with each other. Often, multiple times.

Why is this so hard to see? Most likely it is because we are so wrapped up in our own national and racial narratives that we either can’t see or do not want to see the truth. We have bought into the white savior narrative, where people of color can’t possibly build a better future for themselves and that we must step in and help them. It is Rudyard Kipling’s belief of a “White Man’s Burden”, that we are doing others a favor by telling them what to do and how to behave. Except that the excuse that we are trying to help is inevitably used by the very worst members of our society. So that when the greediest and most evil of us plunder the wealth of another nation, it is always done with the pretext of philanthropy and idealism. The citizenry of the most marauding nations are deluded into believing they are a blessing to the world. The liberals believe they are helping, the conservatives believe they are being used, but few see how other nations are being bled dry for the benefit of the colonialist nations. Perhaps that is because so little of what is robbed from other nations actually benefits the average citizen. While the average citizen may receive cheap goods from around the world, they must pay for it in taxes needed to support the military that is required to subjugate other countries.

In summation:

  • NATO consists of the very countries that have traditionally colonized the rest of the planet and have taken other countries’ resources and used their labor for their own gain. England is known for tea but only because it was able to dominate the trade of tea from India and China. Only an elite few Chinese and Indians profited from this, the rest suffered greatly as a result.

Honestly, I don’t understand why this is not obvious to everyone, except that the official rationalization for NATO is both convenient and soothing to the conscience of those who benefit, however marginally, from being citizens of an imperialist and colonialist nation.

We’ve had two world wars so far. Both of them were started by nations that now belong to NATO or are NATO adjacent. But although both world wars were started by those countries now under the NATO umbrella, the whole world suffered because of their desire to dominate others.

Let’s not make it a hat-trick, people.



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