In The End, The Truth Is Revealed Even To The Propagandized Masses (But They’ll Forget Again)

James Rozoff
5 min readNov 14, 2023

The truth is, nobody in the West really believed Ukraine would win a war against Russia. And when I say nobody, I’m referring to the decision-makers and not the propagandized masses. The propagandized masses in the West, just like the propagandized masses in Ukraine, were told that Ukraine was going to kick ass and at last arrive as a superstar on the global stage, claiming its rightful place among the exceptional nations. It’s the old Horatio Alger story they’ve been telling poor people for hundreds of years now: work hard and you will succeed. The problem is, all that work people do usually benefits the bosses and seldom sufficiently pays back the workers for all they have sacrificed. The same goes for soldiers.

This is a cynical thought, no doubt, but I did not come to my cynicism lightly. I have observed this pattern play out many times already in my lifetime and I do not yet consider myself old. It is not me who is being cynical but others who are endlessly naïve about how the U.S. operates. Ask a Kurd how all the fighting they’ve done for U.S. interests has paid off for them. Ask the average Afghani if they are better off for all the interest the U.S. has shown their country for the last forty years. Sometimes, there are good reasons for cynicism. I imagine the indigenous Americans came to hold a cynical view towards U.S. dealings after a while, too.

The policy makers in the U.S. may have believed that crushing sanctions would eventually bring Russia to its knees, but this sort of victory was always going to be Pyrrhic for Ukraine. Ukrainians were always fated to pay an incredible price for the defeat of Russia, and they were never, ever, going to be adequately rewarded for their sacrifices (research the sacrifices made by the Kurds and Afghanis if you have any doubt). Do not hate me for this, those of you who have loved ones in Ukraine, those of you who love the country and have a fierce loyalty to it. I too have a love for my country, The United States of America, but I have little doubts about how much the average American is being duped and taken advantage of. Ukrainians are not uniquely foolish, but it appears that they are paying an extravagant price for their credulity.