If You Want Real Change, Democrats Are Making Sure The Right Is Your Only Option

If a system is irredeemably corrupt so that major systemic change is unavoidable, then the question becomes where to focus revolutionary energy. The Right has been fomenting that energy while the Left has been doing everything in its power to suppress it. The Right, whatever else may be said of it, recognizes the corruption of the system, even in its own party. The Democrats inexplicably, unforgivably, do not.

There is zero energy within the establishment Left for structural change. The establishment Left has not only ignored the corruption among its own, it has forgiven the sins of the establishment Right, as well, welcoming in whatever supporters of the Iraq War who are willing to denounce Trump.

Let me spell this out to the “lesser of two evils crowd”: you have given those who see the need for systemic change no place in your party. The Right has become the de facto vehicle for change.

This does not mean leftists will join with the Right, it means that you have neutered reformists in the party. So that those without a clear ideology but with a definite sense of a need for real change will have no option but to lean right.

The establishment left has killed any chance for meaningful reform within their media or their party. The right, meanwhile, leaves the door open. The door will not lead anywhere pleasant, but those fleeing a burning building will take their chances with what’s beyond the door.

A different way is possible, but the establishment Left would rather watch the world burn than permit people that option. Beyond the choices permitted by the establishment — which by now is more or less the Democratic Party and the media that presents them as the safe option — lies nightmares. Beyond the beaten path lies the unknown and the extremely dangerous. But that is also the only place one can hope to find a better alternative. The beaten path is not going to lead us to where we need to go. It too has its horrors, though the establishment Left never mentions them. We need to find a new way forward, blaze a new trail, but this is heresy to an increasingly orthodox establishment. To take even a step from the established route is to risk excommunication. I’ve not experienced such fear of straying from the herd in my lifetime.

The changes that the Right might offer, as well as the status quo offered by the establishment Left, are driven by fear. Neither one permits hope. Hope can only be attained with the courage to step beyond the two unacceptable alternatives offered by our two-party system. The longer we wait to find a third way, the more the established path will prove futile and the more a desperate dive into the change the Right offers will be the likely choice for many.

In this way, the establishment Left does not provide an alternative to the Right. In fact, it is doing all it can to ensure that the door the Right leaves open will be the only option for people when they at last realize our current path is leading us to ruin.