How To Spot An Establishment Liberal

What is an establishment liberal nowadays? They are nothing more than a washed up conservative. Joe Scarborough was one of the most repulsive proponents of the Iraq War. He was a former Republican congressman. Not merely a Republican congressman but a Florida Republican congressman. What does he do now? He hosts the morning show for MSNBC with Mika Brzezinski, daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who thought it would be a good idea to arm fundamentalist Muslims to aid in the overthrow of the liberal Afghanistan government. Before his idea was implemented, women in Afghanistan could wear mini-skirts and be doctors. Now they wear black garbage bags and are property. According to Wikipedia, Mika’s main political interest is in wage equality for women.

Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater Girl before becoming a Democrat. Ariana Huffington was a right wing darling of FOX News before starting the Huffington Post. Cenk Uygur was an Armenian genocide-denying social conservative before becoming a voice of the Left.

Elizabeth Warren was a Republican before converting. Michael Bloomberg was a Republican governor before he ran for President within the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party used both of them as spike strips to help slow the Bernie Sanders bus from running away with things.

David Weigel, when he was in college, held pro-war rallies supporting George W. Bush’s push for a war with Iraq. Instead of supporting war by enlisting, he held pro-war rallies to support other people going. Now he covers progressive politics for the Washington Post.

Who are the establishment liberals? They’re the ones who kiss Republican war hawk John McCain’s moldering dead feet and miss the days when George W. Bush was in office. Ellen Degeneres shares luxury viewing booths with him at Cowboys games while Michelle Obama shares hugs.

Who do establishment liberals support? They support the old guard neo-conservatives, the people even Trump supporters have managed to see through. They support the intelligence agencies that tried to smear the reputation of Martin Luther King Jr., tried to drive him to suicide and likely assisted in his assassination. The same agencies that were behind the murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton. The same agencies that supported the Mujahadeen and Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Scratch an establishment liberal and you will find a fauxgressive. You will find someone who talks the talk but has never walked the walk. Scratch the surface of an establishment liberal and you will find someone who has always capitulated to conservative interests whenever the slightest bit of pressure has been put upon them. Dig a little under the façade and the good intentions and you will find someone who has betrayed every interest of the working class and the peace movement at the behest of the same billionaires and war profiteers who control the Republican Party.

How will you know when you are watching an establishment liberal? They will display their cowardice and call it being practical. They will tell you now is not the time while they preach of pie in the sky bye and bye. They are those who day by day have less to distinguish themselves from the Republicans, but will scream the more loudly about the small differences that do exist.

How do you identify an establishment liberal? You can tell by the way they hold power and cry that they are helpless to stop the Republican Party. You will know them by the way they find obscure excuses for why they cannot get their own agenda passed even when they have the presidency and both houses of congress. They will blame the filibuster, they will blame conservative members of their own party, they will blame the Parliamentarian. Have you ever heard the Republican Party blame the Parliamentarian for their failures?

How do you recognize an establishment liberal? They’re the ones who blame their losses on those who have sacrificed most to the cause. They blame the Ralph Naders of the world for their losses without ever having considered winning the votes of those who voted their conscience. They will blame the powerless and say how much power they have without ever trying to win them over, which is the essence of politics. They will hate, absolutely hate, anyone who is to the left of them.

How do you spot an establishment liberal? They’re the ones dressed up in the Washington Generals jerseys while the Republican Globetrotters are dunking on them. They’re dressed like Ginger Rogers to the Republican Fred Astaire, always willing to be led in the dance. They do everything the Republican Party does, only backwards and in high heels.

How do you spot an establishment liberal? They are the ones establishment media never speaks badly of. If you see them being interviewed on TV and the interviewer starts talking about the shoes they’re wearing or what music they’re listening to instead of why they aren’t supporting Medicare for all, you will know you are watching an establishment liberal. Because the establishment protects its own.

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