Government Only Exists To Protect Land Ownership

How does a computer nerd like Bill Gates come to own the land beneath the farmers who feed him? Seems kind of weird that the people who work the land don’t own the land, doesn’t it? Or if not own it, they at least shouldn’t have to rent it from someone who’s never even set foot on it. But the history of farmers is one of being allowed to work the fields owned by others so that they might be able to feed the owners of property. The question is. who gave the owners of the land the right to own the land?

Truth is, there would be no private property if it weren’t for government. The only reason government exists at all is someone needed to invent it to protect their right to own land and keep others off of it. After government was created to do that, other people said, “Hey, if there’s going to be a government, I want it to do something for me, too.” The wealthy and the greedy (those who created a government to justify their taking what belonged to everybody and making it their own), didn’t like that much. But they were smart enough to tolerate it because it placated the others and disguised the real purpose of government, which was to protect the property rights of the rich and greedy. So they let the government do a few things for the people so long as it allowed them to keep possession of property.

Keep in mind that for a long time the right to own property included the right to own people as slaves. Government was never there to protect people, it was always there to protect ownership rights. That’s why early on in our nation’s history it was only landowners who were permitted to vote or hold office. The right to own people existed in law long before the right not to be owned did, a right that was only added when people realized a government can do more than just protect the rights of the rich.

When the political parties and the paid propagandists of the rich and the greedy talk about limited government, what they’re talking about is getting rid of all that stuff given to the people who had no desire for a government in the first place. They’re talking about getting rid of anything that helps those people who were able to coexist with each other and share the land and had no need for police officers or soldiers to take it from someone else.

Government gives people the right to own animals, too, and — with limited restrictions — to do anything they want to them. Because animals become property when a government that exists to protect property is brought into being. More horrible things have been done to animals with the approval of the government than has ever been done without it. Government transmutes life into property.

Notice they never say, “Government is bad, let’s get rid of it,” like you would any other bad thing like a bucket of puke or a rabid dog. You never hear anybody say, “That bucket of puke is bad, let’s get rid of most of it.” But when it comes to those who are always saying how bad government is, they always say “Government is bad, let’s limit it.” In other words, let’s limit it to protecting our property and not protecting people. Or animals. Or the planet.

It’s all about property. “Stay off of this land I decided was mine exclusively. Stay off of it or I will have the police that are paid by your taxes throw you into a prison I provided the land for and profited immensely from.”

Land is not the only property their government gives them deed to. Thanks to government, they own ideas as well. Not only ideas they thought of but other people’s ideas, as well. An absurd notion to anyone who didn’t grow up thinking it normal. After all, it only seems logical that ideas should be shared and that no one should own them. Just because I decide to plant roses in my garden doesn’t mean you can’t copy my idea, right? But the rich and the greedy don’t think that way.

Through the deed of ownership given them solely through the power of the government they created, they have gained ownership of songs they have never sung, books they did not write, inventions they never invented, and movies they neither acted in nor directed. Or quite possibly never even watched. Give them time and they will find a way to acquire the rights to Das Kapital. Mark Zuckerberg has earned tens of billions of dollars through ownership of an idea that was not his and an algorithm he did not design. And with those ideas, he has been able to purchase a sizeable amount of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. With a little help from the government that is forcing native Hawaiians to sell.

If you think government exists or ever did exist to protect people over property, try taking to court someone who owns a lot of property and see how that works for you. Government is just one more piece of property the rich and the greedy believe they have the right to own.



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