Following Insane Leaders To War Is Not A Sane Thing To Do

James Rozoff
5 min readFeb 7, 2024
Headline from the May 4, 2013 edition of the Guardian.

The problem with amassing a huge pile of dynamite is that it only takes one maniac with a match to make a mess of things. That’s what happened on June 28, 1914. You see, the European powers were busy playing a power game which they thought they were in control of, but then a fellow named Gavrilo Princip shot the Archduke of Austria along with his wife, and all of the best-laid plans of peacefully acquiring national interests got blown sky high. European nations ever so delicately played a game of diplomacy, creating alliances and attempting to outmaneuver adversaries. But political players never seem to realize the deck they are playing with has wildcards until it’s too late.

Nobody could have imagined just how bloody and prolonged the war would be, nobody. Not even science fiction writers. The horrors of World War One were unprecedented. But for all the suffering, all of the destruction, nothing was even decided by it. It took World War Two to finally resolve all of the issues that had been unfinished in the first one. And now it appears that even those issues have not been decidedly decided and must be hashed out some more.

We, The United States, Europe, and our strategic allies, are now amassing in the Middle East stores of explosives. And in Ukraine. And in Asia. We are building up our forces in order to intimidate…