An Eye For An Eye Shouldn’t Apply To Babies

James Rozoff
4 min readNov 15, 2023

At the risk of being labeled an anti-Semite, I don’t think the answer to dead babies is more dead babies. I’ve never understood the idea of fighting fire with fire. And as Gandhi said, an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.

In what set of laws or holy books does one find it said that cutting out the eye of a baby is an adequate response to anything? This is not to justify anything Hamas might have done, it’s just saying that plucking eyeballs out of toddlers is not justice. And please note that I am using the idea of cutting out the eyes of babies as a means of justice as just an example. It applies equally to blowing up babies, starving babies, or burying babies under piles of rubble.

An eye for an eye might seem antiquated and harsh to us of the modern day, but at least there is a ring of justice to it. It just doesn’t hold up at all though when you say “a baby’s eye for a baby’s eye.” Because when it comes to babies, it’s incredibly hard to divide them between us and them, just and unjust, innocent and guilty. A love for and a desire to protect and leave a better world for babies is something that should be able to unite us all. Concern for the well-being of the young and vulnerable should be what unites humanity if anything can. And if even this cannot unite humanity, then God (call him by what name you like) help us all.

Unquestionably, Israel has a right to defend itself. But not from children. No Israelite has ever lost his eye from a Gazan child, the IDF shoots little children before they get close enough to the border fence for them to get within slingshot range. Goliath should have been so lucky as to have snipers covering him.

An eye for an eye. Perhaps this is justice, but it’s not very practical, because it ends up being an eye for an eye for an eye for an eye… And it’s only justice at all if it was your side that lost the first eye. Was Israel the original victim here? Often — no, let me correct that, always — I hear the excuse that Israel is the victim, that the violence each and every time starts with Palestinians and Israel is only responding, meting out justice. But it seems to me there are very few Israelis with empty eye sockets. I can only think of Moshe Dayan, and he lost his eye to a Vichy French sniper, not a Palestinian. No, it seems that the overwhelming preponderance of people losing eyes are Palestinians, and too damn many of them are children.