All Republican Values Are Cast Aside When It Comes To Israel

James Rozoff
4 min readNov 9, 2023

I don’t often talk about Republican hypocrisy because it’s just too easy. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel or bombing children in a concentration camp: it just doesn’t seem sporting. But sometimes they get right up in your face and dare you to challenge them. At such times, it becomes not merely an obligation but a pleasure. The occasion I speak of is the censoring of Rashida Tlaib. In a broader sense, though, it is how the Republican Party abandons at the drop of a hat all their alleged convictions the moment Israel is involved.

It was not so long ago that Republicans were screaming that the impeachments of Donald Trump were political attacks on the President rather than a desire to see the rule of law maintained. Whether they were right or wrong on this (I tend to think they were mostly right), what they accused Democrats of doing is precisely what they are now doing to a Democrat. Having defended everything Trump said as not being what the Democrats said he meant, Republicans are now choosing to take offense at what they believe Tlaib meant rather than accept (or even listening to) her explanation for it. A convenient lack of consistency is the essence of hypocrisy.

Seemingly every single Republican talking point goes out the window when it comes to Israel. How long have they been complaining about Democrats trying to silence free speech (again, I’m inclined to be on their side when they defend free speech) only to try and stomp out pro-Palestine protests, which they deem anti-Semitic rallies? All of the sudden, Republicans become the most politically correct bunch of Karens on the planet. The truth is, though neither Democrats nor Republicans would dare admit it, establishment Democrats WANT to censor and silence members who stray too far to the left. It is the job of the Democratic Party to smash any genuine leftist sentiments or actions, though they can hardly admit it. Republicans are doing the establishment wing of the Democratic Party a great favor by acting as their attack dog. Democrats can play the victim, Republicans can look like they’re opposing a non-existent radical left agenda, and few people notice that the two parties are working in tandem to condemn anyone who strays from the fold.

“America first!” That is the Republican rallying cry. Except, of course, when it comes to Israel. “There are homeless vets! Why are we sending money to countries overseas instead of taking care of our soldiers?!” Except when that…