In the Soviet-era, we were taught to fear Russia and China because they were communist. But now Russia is capitalist and China is using the free market to grow their economy and we’re still being told to fear Russia and China, so it must just be them we should hate…

When we are babies, we can’t really grasp the idea that someone can still exist if we cannot see or hear them. When our mother is gone we feel as if we have been abandoned and we might never see her again. Gradually we are introduced to the idea that…

It’s Hard To Stop Doing What Used To Work

I was walking along the lakeshore today, and as I turned my gaze to the horizon, I saw a rowboat on the shore in the distance. As I drew nearer, I saw there was a man inside it. And as I…

Be gentle with the Trump supporters

Be patient, loving, kind.

For in Trump they see all they have been taught to love about America.

For them he is John Wayne and Evel Knievel, and also the third Duke brother.

They will not lightly let go of an American icon.


James Rozoff

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